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Jubilee Pool, Penzance

I visited Penzance in Cornwall, UK, with a friend for a gloriously fun and sunny weekend last year.  It was such a brilliant weekend and we were totally blessed with weather. There is a lido there called the Jubliee Pool.  It had fallen into disrepair but had been restored to its former glory and was… Continue reading Jubilee Pool, Penzance

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Atmospheric – Cambodia

The temples of Angkor in Cambodia, slowly being taken back by nature. Having visited quite a few of them, the most memorable were those with very few other visitors, where I could roam around at my own pace. The peace and quiet enveloped me as I wandered about the ruins and I tried to imagine… Continue reading Atmospheric – Cambodia

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A Welcome Travel Interlude

Daily Prompt - Temporary Whilst we wait for our next flight at Singapore's Changi airport I take the opportunity to hang out in the butterfly garden to stretch my legs and get some fresh-ish air.  The break is very welcome after a 14 hour flight and I temporarily forget about my weary body and mind… Continue reading A Welcome Travel Interlude

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Scaling Mingun, Myanmar

Mingun pagoda in Myanmar took my breath away when we arrived.  I couldn't believe how big it was....and what you see now isn't even the finished product.  Started at the end of the 18th century by King Bodawpayalt, it was meant to be the largest stupa in the world but it was never finished, due… Continue reading Scaling Mingun, Myanmar

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Taming the frizz travel style

Daily Prompt - Tame I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair... well it's probably more like a hate/hate relationship (how many people can relate to that??)!  I have thick, coarse, frizzy hair and I have struggled my whole life to tame it!  In the days before straighteners... well I can't even think… Continue reading Taming the frizz travel style