Taming the frizz travel style

Daily Prompt – Tame

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair… well it’s probably more like a hate/hate relationship (how many people can relate to that??)!  I have thick, coarse, frizzy hair and I have struggled my whole life to tame it!  In the days before straighteners… well I can’t even think about that without breaking out in anxious sweat! As for the grey that has crept in…don’t get me started!

It’s always been something that I stress about.  I now have my hair routine down, but I do find it tedious, it’s such a chore to coax out the kinks and to try to tame the frizz.

Which is one of the reasons that when I travel I try to embrace my hair ‘au naturel’!! The straighteners and hair dryer are usually left at home (depending on where I am going) and I’m all about the wash and go!!  Oh my goodness, how liberating it feels!

I am not blessed to be able to just step out of the shower and have instantly smooth glossy locks (oh but how I envy those who do!), so I’ve found that a plait is my best hair friend when travelling. No need to faff around with a hair dryer – it would be pointless anyway, especially in humid environments!

When travelling I probably won’t be looking very glamorous, you won’t find photos of me flinging my long flowing locks around in various exotic destinations, I will look more like Monica from Friends (in the episode when they take a trip to Barbados) – “It’s the HUMIDITY!!”.

On my recent trips I’ve mostly been hot, sweaty and dusty and my hair has followed suit, but I have to say that I’ve liked it that way!


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