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A Little Sunshine To Lift My Mood!

Well, I should say a lot of sunshine! It's the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and the sun is out here in the UK...this is unheard of!!  It seem so rare to actually get good weather on a holiday weekend...and for the whole weekend..that's four whole days, shock horror! And this is why us Brits are… Continue reading A Little Sunshine To Lift My Mood!


Discovering Blacksmith’s Beach, NSW!

I have driven past the suburb of Blacksmiths numerous times on my visits to Swansea and Newcastle.  I've seen it on the sign as we head towards the bridge which spans the entrance to Lake Macquarie, but for some reason have never taken that turning. However, on our last visit, I realised that we had… Continue reading Discovering Blacksmith’s Beach, NSW!


The Fear Of Flying Rises Again!

The recent tragedy of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 has thrown my phobia of flying back into focus. What an absolutely horrific and terrifying event it was and my heart goes out to those souls on that plane and their families who now have to deal with the aftermath of the accident. My stomach turned when… Continue reading The Fear Of Flying Rises Again!

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Lake Macquarie, Swansea

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Photo Walk On my recent trip to Australia, we returned once again to Swansea in New South Wales. Swansea sits between the ocean and Lake Macquarie, a huge salt water lake.  Whilst there I wanted to go for a walk along the shores of Lake Macquarie.  I took these photos during… Continue reading Lake Macquarie, Swansea

weekly photo challenge

Spring Has Sprung (I Hope!)

It certainly feels like the seasons are changing! The sun is shining, the trees are starting to bud. Since returning from my holidays I have noticed that the nights are getting longer. I'm definitely not complaining about that, it's so lovely to return home from work in the light instead of what feels like the… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung (I Hope!)


Flying High Over Angkor Wat!

An aerial view of Angkor Wat?!!  Well, don't mind if I do! That was my initial thought when I knew we were going to return to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat again. This would be my fourth time returning to the town to see the temples that it is famous for and I was… Continue reading Flying High Over Angkor Wat!

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If The Walls Could Talk…

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge - STORIES Running around all four of the inner walls at Angkor Wat is a gallery of bas-reliefs which depicts different themes, myths and tales, including the myth of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk, which is in the southern section. Wander around these stories in an anti-clockwise direction and… Continue reading If The Walls Could Talk…


The Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off

Please join in the fun with bereavedandbeingasingleparent and Crushed Caramel (Learner at love) and special judge A Jeanne in the Kitchen on Sunday 24th March 2019 The challenge for is to make a sandwich sponge cake (Below is an example is a classic sandwich cake with two layers of sponge and a jam and cream… Continue reading The Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off

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A Break And A Digital Detox!

Happy March to you all!  How time flies! I've been away from my blog for a little while as I've been travelling.  Australia and Cambodia this time round! I have visited Cambodia quite a few times and this will have been my fourth time returning to Siem Reap. I again grappled with the dilemma, should… Continue reading A Break And A Digital Detox!