10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 2

Image Earth Travel has nominated me for this challenge, thank you!

I don’t normally take part in these challenges much these days, but I love the idea of this one!

The 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge: post one photo for 10 days with no explanation and nominate another blogger each day to do the same…simple! It’s inspired me to have a trawl through my photos, which has been great fun.

And fantastic memories come flooding back with all of them. Oh to travel again!!

Soooo, here we go with DAY 2… a bit of a moody one….

And today I nominate The Snow Melts Somewhere. If you do participate please can you link back to me. But there is absolutely no pressure to take part, if you don’t fancy it, no worries!

11 thoughts on “10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 2

    1. It is a little bit, been feeling up and down the past few days actually. Sometimes it hard to see the bright side of things! But I still love the view in the photo whether the sun is shining or not, one of my favourite places ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. A lot of bloggers are posting in this challenge and many are saying, I don’t usually participate in these. So I am pleased to see so many are taking the plunge. This photo looks a bit bleak, and moody as you say, but there are people in the water so the temperature can’t be that low.

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    1. I know, it seems to have caught people’s imagination, maybe because it’s a nice distraction at the moment. Yes, it was quite a stormy day in Australia but was still summer, so wasn’t particularly cold, just a bit wet!


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