10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 10

Image Earth Travel has nominated me for this challenge, thank you!

I don’t normally take part in these challenges much these days, but I love the idea of this one!

The 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge: post one photo for 10 days with no explanation and nominate another blogger each day to do the same…simple! It’s inspired me to have a trawl through my photos, which has been great fun.

Soooo, here we go with final one…DAY 10!

For the remainder of this challenge I am not going to nominate individuals, but throw the challenge open to you all!

If you fancy taking part, please feel free to get posting!

12 thoughts on “10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 10

      1. Yeah, we spent seven months in Siem Reap, two months in Kampot and a week in Phnom Penh. On a previous visit, I also spent time in Battambang, Sihanoukville, Koh Rong and Kep. Have blogged extensively from Cambodia if you get the chance to take a look.

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        1. That sounds like a fantastic experience, I have visited Cambodia many times, but haven’t had the chance to spend an extended period there…but I’d love to! Your blog looks great, I’m looking forward to reading more of your travels!!

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