Friendly Friday Challenge – Special Treats

I was sat at my desk at home recently, as I am every working day now, when there was a knock at the door. I was in the middle of writing a long email, so I left it to my partner to answer it.

A minute later I got up to see what it was as we weren’t expecting any parcels (for once!). He was looking a bit perplexed at the bunch of flowers in his hands, as I was when I saw them.

They’re for you, he told me.

Who on earth is sending me flowers and such a gorgeous bunch too!

I opened the card to find they were from one of my oldest friends. She was sending them to wish us a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, with apologies that she hadn’t managed to send anything from her or her boys before now. The norm is to get a little something from the boys at Christmas, as has been the tradition since they were born. But this Christmas things had just not gone to plan…which pretty much sums up the whole of the year!

This had not worried or offended me in the slightest and she really hadn’t needed to send me anything, I understand how strained everyone is at the moment!

But she is generous and big-hearted and sent me these most gorgeous bunch of flowers anyway. They were absolutely beautiful, a mixture of freesias, tulips and more (I’m afraid I’m not that knowledgeable!) which smelt like summer.

They sat on my dresser just behind my desk, so if I was on video calls, they were noticeable just over my shoulder and I would get wafts of summer throughout the day.

An absolutely lovely surprise and a special treat from a very special friend, which brought massive smiles to my face!

Posted as part of the Friendly Friday Challenge – check it out!

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