Flying High Over Angkor Wat!

An aerial view of Angkor Wat?!!  Well, don't mind if I do! That was my initial thought when I knew we were going to return to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat again. This would be my fourth time returning to the town to see the temples that it is famous for and I was… Continue reading Flying High Over Angkor Wat!

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If The Walls Could Talk…

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge - STORIES Running around all four of the inner walls at Angkor Wat is a gallery of bas-reliefs which depicts different themes, myths and tales, including the myth of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk, which is in the southern section. Wander around these stories in an anti-clockwise direction and… Continue reading If The Walls Could Talk…

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A Break And A Digital Detox!

Happy March to you all!  How time flies! I've been away from my blog for a little while as I've been travelling.  Australia and Cambodia this time round! I have visited Cambodia quite a few times and this will have been my fourth time returning to Siem Reap. I again grappled with the dilemma, should… Continue reading A Break And A Digital Detox!

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Atmospheric – Cambodia

The temples of Angkor in Cambodia, slowly being taken back by nature. Having visited quite a few of them, the most memorable were those with very few other visitors, where I could roam around at my own pace. The peace and quiet enveloped me as I wandered about the ruins and I tried to imagine… Continue reading Atmospheric – Cambodia

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In search of relaxation (& pepper!) in Kep, Cambodia

Our first experience of Kep a few years ago was very positive, which is why we decided to return earlier this year......oh and for the pepper...! We know that you can buy Kampot pepper elsewhere, but we sometimes like travelling with a purpose!  We'd run out of pepper (and it is damn fine pepper!) so… Continue reading In search of relaxation (& pepper!) in Kep, Cambodia

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Cambodia – beach time

One of my most recent trips was to Cambodia, which is one of my favourite destinations in SE Asia – the trip was short, sweet and very sunny!  I’ve been to Cambodia numerous times, usually as a side trip on the way back from Australia and it’s usually been about seeing as much as possible… Continue reading Cambodia – beach time