Descending into Phnom Penh

On our very empty Silkair flight to Cambodia, I managed to sit and gaze out of the window for almost the entire journey.

Regular readers of my blog will know that this can be a challenge for me because of my fear of flying!

On this flight however, I felt quite relaxed and managed to snap away happily out of the window, pretty much up until the point of touch down…when I had to close my eyes, grip the seat arms and use all of my Jedi mind powers to make the plane slow down and stop before we reached the end of the runway!!

I took so many photos though that I thought it would be fun to run them together and highlight the route we took across the coast and onto Phnom Penh, our final destination.

As we approached from the south, I think skirting the south of Vietnam, loads of islands began peppering the sea.


I was desperately trying to see if I could recognise any of them, but I just don’t really know what I was looking at, or where we were exactly!


We crossed the coastline and continued our route northward.  It was a fairly clear day so the flying was smooth…thank goodness.  But there was a lot of haze!


We got a good view of the surrounding countryside.

Countryside 1

Countryside 2

And then the waterways began to appear.

Waterways 1

Waterways 2

As we neared the city, we descended some more and whilst we turned… and turned, I kept snapping away.

River view

River view 2

River view 3


I’m pretty sure that we approached to land from the northeast. So judging from google maps, we flew near to the point where the Tonle Sap river merged with the Mekong River (the brown waterway being the Tonle Sap river).

Rivers merging

Plane Window

The city skyline then opened up in front of me as we continued our descent.


Cityscape close up

We flew low over the city streets and buildings. Where was this airport??  We seemed so low!!!

City view 1

City view 2

City view 3

Finally touchdown!

Touchdown 1

Touchdown 2

We had arrived at Phnom Penh airport and we were raring to start our adventures!

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