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Heading For The Skies…Reluctantly!

It seemed unlikely that I would ever get on a small plane... I had enough trouble getting on a big one!! I don't like flying and the thought of sitting on a tiny plane filled me with fear. But somehow my partner had persuaded me that it would be MUCH better to fly the forty-five… Continue reading Heading For The Skies…Reluctantly!

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A Welcome Travel Interlude

Daily Prompt - Temporary Whilst we wait for our next flight at Singapore's Changi airport I take the opportunity to hang out in the butterfly garden to stretch my legs and get some fresh-ish air.  The break is very welcome after a 14 hour flight and I temporarily forget about my weary body and mind… Continue reading A Welcome Travel Interlude


Fear of flying versus love of travel…which wins??

For me love of travel will usually win…..although this can mean that getting somewhere can be a little traumatic to say the least! I have a fear of flying – which is not unusual know!  But when you love travel as much as I do, it can kind of get in the way. It's not… Continue reading Fear of flying versus love of travel…which wins??