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Because I Love…

... A LAZY BANK HOLIDAY!! It’s another busy August bank holiday weekend in the UK!  A time when the summer is drawing to a close (in fact has finished, if the awful weather we’ve had is anything to go by!), when people make one last ditch effort at a break before the kids go back… Continue reading Because I Love…

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To Visit Laos in March? The Burning Question!

Laos had been on the hit list for quite a while.  This time, we thought, this time. We had initially wanted to travel to the south, to see Wat Phou and the 4000 islands. But time was tight and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t make the itinerary work for us. The… Continue reading To Visit Laos in March? The Burning Question!

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Finding My Happy Place

I don't think it's any secret that I love the beach and the sun!  I grew up in the Middle East, on a small island where the sea was usually visible whilst going about your normal routine and the sun shone... a lot! In fact, going to the beach was a part of our normal… Continue reading Finding My Happy Place


Journaling the good things

I saw something on the internet (I wish I could remember where!) at the beginning of the year, which suggested taking the time each night before you go to sleep, to note down one good thing that happened that day. Initially I dismissed it as just another of those annoying new year resolutions, but the… Continue reading Journaling the good things


Goodbye 2017 – let’s get 2018 on the road!

Happy New Year!  So, I’ve been a bit lazy on the blogging front the last few weeks, what with Christmas and all.  The festive season was lovely, but I was pretty tired by the time the holidays rolled around.  Christmas day was spent very quietly with my family and it was lovely, I couldn’t have… Continue reading Goodbye 2017 – let’s get 2018 on the road!


5 Months In – Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Well, I am very pleased to announce that I have reached my five month blogiversary today!  I can't believe it, how time flies!  As it's also Christmas it seems like a good time for a little reflection. I was petrified of setting up a blog and hitting that publish button for the first time, I… Continue reading 5 Months In – Thank you and Merry Christmas!