As the seasons change, what comes next?

I woke up early. My eyes sprung open and I felt breathless. My brain instantly starting rolling over all the things I had to do that day.

There was an underlying tension and anxiety which floated within me.

I could have lay there and let my mind mull over everything. But the anxiety was giving me an energy which I don’t normally feel in the morning!

I looked out of the window and saw the sun rising slowly, the sky glowing pink but rapidly changing to bright blue.

Right, get out of bed, I thought. Go for a walk whilst the sun is out and get some fresh air, that might set me well up for the day.

So I got up and dragged on some old clothes, brushed my hair, grabbed my keys and quietly left the flat.

It wasn’t as quiet as I was hoping out and about, the stillness of those lockdown days are long gone. Cars were already making their commute, people were jogging and walking their dogs, whilst others were making their way to work on foot.

But I wandered through the park, enjoying the early sun and noticing that there was a definite chill in the air now.

Autumn has arrived.

The trees have turned and have littered the ground with their leaves and, in our local park, acorns!

The sun, whilst lovely, wasn’t holding as much warmth as it had even just a week or so ago. A coat would be needed soon.

It’s a noticeable change and one I am looking at with some apprehension.

We are heading towards a hard and possibly deadly winter. The world is still in turmoil.

As cases being to rise in the UK again, scientists and governments continue to debate the best way to tackle the coronavirus. The ‘togetherness’ that was evident when we first went into lockdown, seems to have all but disappeared. And recent events have shown that absolutely no-one is immune to this virus. Who knows how all this will pan out.

We wait to see what the winter will bring, but first we have to get through Autumn, a season which I have grown to love as I have gotten older.

So, I will enjoy the colours, the rays of autumnal sunshine and the deep sunsets which this season brings.

And will face whatever comes next when it happens.

4 thoughts on “As the seasons change, what comes next?

  1. Beautiful photos and a lovely way to welcome Autumn in. I think its my favourite season with the change of colours and the slow lead up to Christmas. Autumnal walks are just the best. And lets never call it ‘Fall’ either!

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    1. Thank you! I agree, there is something quite special about Autumn – and I hadn’t thought about the build up to Christmas being part of it actually, but I think you are right! It’s providing me with some respite from the doom and gloom that is around us at the moment anyway 🙂 Hope all is well with you!


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