More Autumn Loveliness

I last posted about what the change of seasons means and how things might change from here.

I have continued to get out in the fresh air when I can (it feels more important than ever to do this) and have continued to be mesmerised by these amazing Autumn tones.

With all the gloom and darkness in the world at the moment, these colours have lifted my spirits no end.

I got out on one particular sunny day which lit up the leaves in a spectacular fashion! So I thought I would share some of this joy again with you!

I hope they provide light relief for a brief moment.


15 thoughts on “More Autumn Loveliness

    1. Thank you! The weather has changed a bit now and we are getting more rain and cloudy skies, but I’m still trying to get outside – it’s so important isn’t it! I hope that you are keeping safe and well.


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