A Sun Halo Shines Down On Me!

Whilst in Australia recently, I was in the back garden of the house we were staying at in Swansea.  It was a lovely sunny day and as I glanced up to the sky I was taken aback to see a rainbow which stretched the entire way around the sun! What the…??!!!

I was sure I was witnessing something unusual and amazing, it was a phenomenon that I had never seen before.  However, on further investigation I found out that these are in fact quite common!

Known as 22° halos, they appear when ice crystals in very high clouds reflect the light of the sun (at least that is how I understood it!  Feel free to correct me!).

Even if they are fairly common, it was my first time seeing one in all its glory and I couldn’t stop staring at it and taking photos as it glimmered down on me!


Daily Prompt – Glimmer


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