Banishing the lazy demons with yoga

Our yoga teacher told us to lift our arms and open our hearts, elevating our chests up and out. As we all tried to concentrate on our breathing and bring ourselves onto our mats, I realised that I had missed my weekly yoga classes. I had been lazy in the past few months and had gotten bogged down with work and other social engagements.  All these events has been lots of fun but had zapped my energy and I had booked and then cancelled numerous classes on the pretext of being too tired. I almost didn’t go to this class either, as I slumped on the sofa I tried to tell myself I was too tired, I couldn’t be bothered.  But with my partner’s encouragement I gave myself a talking to, pulled myself into my yoga pants and made my way to the class.

It was a difficult class, it was muggy and I was out of shape, my legs wobbled in Goddess Pose and I couldn’t quite keep my balance in the high lunge.  Chair Pose nearly finished me off.  But as I stood at the top of my mat with eyes closed and my chest held high, breathing, I was glad that I had banished the lazy demons and come along.  I was reminded of the positivity that yoga brings me and of how good I feel after a class, no matter how difficult it may have been to get there.  Hopefully when the lazy demons appear again I will remember this and won’t stay slumped on the sofa letting them win!

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