Travel with a purpose – Sukhothai, Thailand

Sukhothai was one of our last stops on our trip.  We had just spent an incredible month in Myanmar and had traveled overland into Thailand through the Myawaddy/Mae Sot border crossing to get to Sukhothai.  The purpose was twofold - 1) to get back overland to Bangkok as our flight was departing from there - [...]

Taking the sleeper train to Cornwall for a mini adventure!

When I think of sleeper trains I tend to think of something out of an Agatha Christie novel, where you need to ‘dress for dinner’.  Something that is all wood panelling, brandy and cigars!  Well, I can’t say that the Great Western Railway Night Riviera was much like that (despite the cool name!), but it [...]

The Blogging Game

Daily Prompt - Tentative When I saw that today’s daily prompt was tentative, my thoughts immediately went to my blog, which I started a few months ago.  I was reminded of the uncertainty I felt when I first set it up (and which is still there!), it took a long time to even have the [...]

In search of relaxation (& pepper!) in Kep, Cambodia

In search of relaxation (& pepper!) in Kep, Cambodia

Our first experience of Kep a few years ago was very positive, which is why we decided to return earlier this year......oh and for the pepper...! We know that you can buy Kampot pepper elsewhere, but we sometimes like travelling with a purpose!  We'd run out of pepper (and it is damn fine pepper!) so [...]

The Power of Noise

Daily Prompt - Crescendo We were sat looking down on the track, along with a few thousand other spectators.  Our view was of the finish line, so we really shouldn’t have been worried about whether we might have a restricted view at all, it couldn't have been better!  We had been lucky enough to obtain [...]