The Blogging Game

Daily Prompt – Tentative

When I saw that today’s daily prompt was tentative, my thoughts immediately went to my blog, which I started a few months ago.  I was reminded of the uncertainty I felt when I first set it up (and which is still there!), it took a long time to even have the courage to start it! Putting myself out there is definitely outside of my comfort zone, being a ‘blogger’ not my ordinary habitat.

And the stress of hitting that publish button for the very first time… oh the nerves!!   Even with a few posts under my belt I still feel unsure about every post that I publish… is it ok? Does it make sense or does it sound ridiculous? Have I made a million typos? Will anyone read it? Will anyone like it?  I’m sure they are familiar feelings to most first time bloggers and I’m sure those feelings won’t go away either. I will always be uncertain about my posts and will publish them tentatively, my cursor hovering over the publish button, taking those few extra seconds to ponder whether I actually want to do this!

But as anxious as I have been over the blog and putting myself out there, I have found that I love writing the posts and coming up with new ideas. I’ve found that sometimes they come easily, at others times it’s a struggle… fact today is the first time in a while where I have felt like writing anything.

It’s early days and I’m still feeling my way and am nervous about everything I write – I will no doubt hesitate over publishing this post too! But now I’ve taken the leap I have found it to be fun as well as terrifying!!  Long may it continue!

3 thoughts on “The Blogging Game

  1. I’m so glad you overcome that initial tentative concern about blogging. I was the same as you and wrote a funny quip. I’ve been here a year now and love every minute of it. Coffee, open wp, blog. In that order, lol and I’ve come to enjoy no love being here, reading, writing, exchanging thoughts poems stories with a community of some of the finest people one could meet. They welcome everyone with open arms and are delighted to surf blogs. I’m delighted to be among them and join in the experience. Delighted your here 🙂

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