The Grander Scheme of Things

Daily Prompt – Planet

Planet….…well that word of course made me think immediately of our planet earth and the galaxy beyond that we live in…. space… it just blows my mind!  I am not scientifically inclined at all but I am fascinated by space, the vastness of it makes me feel like my brain will literally explode if I think about it too much!  It amazes me when you look up to the sky at night and see all of those little lights glittering back at you.  One of my bucket list activities is to travel somewhere where you can see the night sky in all its glory, without the light pollution of our normal surroundings. Hopefully I will get there someday.

As I mentioned I honestly cannot fathom the science behind it all, but I do wonder what else is out there beyond our tiny, rich and diverse planet.  We can’t possibly be the only ‘beings’ in the universe, surely if we have managed to evolve and survive there must be other worlds out there harbouring some sort of life.  Who knows!

And when you look at the dimensions of just our solar system, we really are just a tiny speck. It puts everything into perspective doesn’t it, our lives, the things that we worry about on a daily basis, all so insignificant when thought about on such a large scale as space.

And there we go again, my mind is completely blown!!!

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