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Sunsets Galore in Laos

I have so many photos of sunsets (they are one of my favourite things!), and these are some of my most recent. Taken on a trip to the Elephant Conservation Centre in northern Laos, this setting was pretty spectacular and watching the sunset over the lake was very special.  It was so peaceful and quiet… Continue reading Sunsets Galore in Laos

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An Emotional Sunrise in Laos

I sat at the end of the wooden pier, perched on the bottom step, looking out at the scene in front of me. The sun was just starting to peek above the hillside, the mist was curling its way across the surface of the lake. There were a few squeals of laughter and soft splashing… Continue reading An Emotional Sunrise in Laos

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Exploring Inle Lake, Myanmar

We were huddled under blankets on little chairs on the longtail boat, which was speeding away from the town and out into open water.  The early morning mist was rising off the lake and shrouding the surrounding hills, partially obscuring their shapes. There were a few other boats passing us, with occupants similarly wrapped up… Continue reading Exploring Inle Lake, Myanmar

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Newcastle….Australia that is…

Hands up who knew there was a Newcastle in Australia?  No?  Of you who did, how many have been there?  That's what I thought!  When I tell people I'm going there I am usually met with a blank face and have to explain whereabouts it is.  Which is exactly what happened to me the first… Continue reading Newcastle….Australia that is…

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Because I love…

... KOOKABURRAS! I don't know what it is about these birds, but they fascinate me.  I was lucky enough to see a few on my last trip to Australia. They frequented the garden of the house that we were staying at quite regularly.  They would appear in the early morning and I would sit as… Continue reading Because I love…

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Canine Cheekiness in Myanmar

Whilst wandering around the town of Nyaungshwe at Inle Lake in Myanmar, we watched this dog saunter out into the road and then sit down, seemingly oblivious to the fact it would be in the way of the traffic.  I loved the fact that it didn't actually care and would not move.  Happily lounging around,… Continue reading Canine Cheekiness in Myanmar