Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Shadows

This week’s theme set by the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Shadows.

I do enjoy taking photos of shadows, they don’t always work out but it’s fun to try!

Shadows falling before Angkor Wat at sunset.
The shadow of Angkor Wat!
Messing around at Angkor Wat!
The shadows in the grounds of Lewes Castle, as seen from the way up to the top of it!
Lovely shadows made by a (gorgeous) iron balcony at an apartment in Australia (I love these balconies!!).

The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is run by The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About.  Check out their blogs and get involved! 


22 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Shadows

          1. I am sure I will. I tend to keep travelling to those Australian destinations, for when I want to do a road trip and I am too old to be travelling overseas. 🙂 Hopefully a way off yet.

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          2. I’m sure those days are very far away yet, but it’s a good idea! There are plenty of ‘local’ places to visit when the idea of getting on a plane or travelling too far becomes too much!

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