Discovering Blacksmith’s Beach, NSW!

I have driven past the suburb of Blacksmiths numerous times on my visits to Swansea and Newcastle.  I’ve seen it on the sign as we head towards the bridge which spans the entrance to Lake Macquarie, but for some reason have never taken that turning.

However, on our last visit, I realised that we had never ventured out to the headlands which stand guard over the entrance. So, one afternoon we headed over to the breakwater on the north side of the entrance at Blacksmiths.

We walked up the path towards the breakwater, it was lovely, I enjoyed being out in the open air and by the sea.  A lovely little walk I thought.

Walking towards the heads, the entrance to Lake Macquarie.

A bit further along the path, we hit the breakwater proper.

The breakwater with the end of the beach in the far distance on the left-hand side!
At the end of the breakwater.

I looked to my left and bam!  This is what I saw!

Wow! Just wow!

My breath was well and truly taken away!

How come I didn’t know this was there! This amazingly, massive, sweeping arc of sand!


Why had no-one told me before just how beautiful Blacksmiths Beach is?!!!


I was just so bowled over by what I was seeing…and it showed!  I couldn’t conceal my excitement!

Of course, I had to go for a walk on the sand!


I had to stick my feet in the water (it was freezing!).


I had to drag myself away when it was time to go.


To me, these places are special. I feel I can breathe there.

And it really is just so darn beautiful!

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