Fabulous Fireworks!

It was Bonfire Night in the UK on Monday, a day when everyone goes firework crazy!  Our local fireworks display was held on the Saturday evening, and as usual it was pretty spectacular.

I took the opportunity to test out the camera on my new mobile phone. I’ve opted for a Google Pixel 2 as I’ve heard great things about it and its camera.

What do you think?



I love a good firework display!




8 thoughts on “Fabulous Fireworks!

  1. Great photos. Phone looks really good, actually need to replace mine so may look into it when the time comes. Glad Firework Night is still a big deal here too, not a fan of Halloween.

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    1. I’m not either, much prefer bonfire night. Thanks, I’m pleased with how they came out. I’m impressed with the phone so far and apparently the camera is supposed to be one of the best ones according to the reviews I read. Might be worth checking out anyway 🙂

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