Because I Love…


I honestly couldn’t be happier right now!

This is the sky in my patch of the UK at the moment!! It’s so utterly gorgeous and to see the blanket of blue above me makes me so happy.

The sun has been blazing down on us for a while now and I’m trying to make the most of every second of it (when I can escape work of course!).

It’s no secret that I love the sun, so for it to be out in such abundance here at home is such an absolute treat!

It’s definitely not a sure fire thing though, so I have everything firmly crossed that it continues. There’s nothing worse than a soggy summer (and it makes me very grumpy!)!

For the time being though all is good…happy days are here again!

14 thoughts on “Because I Love…

  1. I’m exactly the same. Blue skies calm me down. Maybe because they remind me of the ocean… Here’s to clear skies for the both of us all summer long. Dreary weather makes me uneasy, too.

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    1. Oh no, not rain!! I hope that weather report is wrong and your good weather continues! We’ve had some cloudy days here recently, but it looks like the temperature is on the way up again…just can’t believe how long it’s been nice, it’s really unusual!

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