Has anyone seen my blogging mojo?

It’s the second week of January and whilst everyone else seems to be full of hope and optimism for the new year, I feel like I am desperately lagging behind.

I have really struggled to get into the new year (it feels like this month has already lasted forever!). It’s been tough, I’ve been ill and very tired (as have a lot of other people by the sounds of it, nasty germs around at the moment!) and I just can’t seem to get going.

I’ve felt down about my blog because I just haven’t been able to get inspired to write anything.  Before Christmas I couldn’t wait to get tapping on the keyboard, these past few weeks have been difficult.  What’s happened??  Where’s my blogging mojo gone? I think it got packed away with all the Christmas decs!

That’s life I suppose, ups and downs, particularly at this time of year.  So, I’ve been reading a lot of posts instead whilst I’ve been feeling writing ‘lethargic’. They have been brilliant, informative, entertaining and inspiring.  And whilst I have still felt like a bit of a loser because I haven’t been able to get my arse into gear, they have given me some motivation.

Having read a few posts about writing tips and resolutions, one thing stood out for me – that I should just keep writing.  Even if it’s a few words a day, which turn into a few sentences, which turn into a few paragraphs, which turn into a post. Even if they never make the cut and sit in my drafts forever.

So, that’s what I’m doing here, writing down a few words about where I’m at right now. Whether they make it onto my blog I don’t know (I’ve decided they will!), but I feel a whole lot better for having finally put fingers to keyboard and written down some words in some sort of order!


10 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my blogging mojo?

  1. We all have ups and downs, how we’re feeling is often not impacted by the time of year haha. Keep going, even though you don’t feel like it – it’s an important skill to acquire I think!

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  2. I hope you feel better soon! The holidays require a lot of energy, and added to that is the onset of cold sometimes drab weather, so it makes sense to feel “writer’s lethargy.” This is how I feel right now. Anyway, good advice to simply write each day. I wrote a number of posts, that are still sitting in my drafts box,​ until the one I just now posted came alive. Take care! =)

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