Street Art

This week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge celebrates all the different types of art you may find in public spaces…Street Art!

I have come across some interesting pieces on my travels and I always love the surprise when you come across some art in the most unusual places!

London, UK

On a day out with friends a while ago, we headed through this tunnel, which to my delight was plastered with art.

Pluto in street art in London
A tunnell full of art work!

Blackpool, UK

I spent a lovely long weekend in Blackpool a few years ago and it would have been rude not to do some of the touristy things whilst up there! Walking the spruced up promenade, we came across the ‘Comedy Carpet– quotes from lots of different British comedians under your feet…what a great idea! I loved it!

The Comedy Carpet in Blackpool – Victoria Wood’s famous song ‘Let’s Do It’
More quotes on The Comedy Carpet in Blackpool!

Peppering the streets were also some interesting sculptures.

Sculptures in Blackpool

Morecambe, UK

During our visit we took my mum on a surprise visit to Morecambe, which is just up the coast from Blackpool, to have afternoon tea at the fantastic art deco hotel, The Midland.

Morecambe was also the home town of the legendary comedian Eric Morecambe, and he has been remembered with a statue which overlooks Morecambe Bay – cue lots of posing next to it!

If you are not familiar with Eric Morecambe you can find more information here.

Eric Morecambe in his famous pose!

Newcastle, Australia

I was able to spend some time wandering the streets of Newcastle when we stayed there a few years ago. There was a lot of street art dotted around and this has to be my favourite of all time.

It was on the side of a car park and took me completely by surprise as we rounded a corner.

It was phenomenal and spell-binding.

This took my breath away!

5 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. What an interesting collection of art. I’m intrigued by Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet and proud that I recognize at least one quote “Always look on the bright side of life ..” (Monty Python?) The other quotes “Smear an avocado” …ehm.
    The wall mural in Newcastle, Australia is quite something. The artist, Matt Adnate has a distinctive style that is very striking. His work has showed up in a couple FFC responses and I’m grateful for it because it’s led me to uncover his name.
    Thanks for joining the challenge !

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    1. The Comedy Carpet was brilliant, I thought it was such a great idea! You are spot on with the Monty Python quote! The Let’s Do It song is by Victoria Wood, a famous British comedian and writer. This was probably one of her most well known songs! I had never heard of Matt Adnate either before, but also discovered him and more of his work because of this mural. I would love to see more of his work for real! Hopefully one day! Thanks very much for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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