The Tiled Kiosk Museum, Istanbul

As part of our trip to Istanbul in Turkey, we visited the Istanbul Archaeological Museum.  It turned out that most of the museum was shut for renovation, but there were a few buildings and exhibits open.

No entry! The main building closed for renovations!

There was a really interesting sarcophagus exhibition, which housed tons of different sarcophagi. The most fascinating aspect of these were the inscriptions what were etched into some of them.  When translated they revealed curses that would rain down on those who tried to move or steal from them!

My favourite building in this complex though, was that of the Tiled Kiosk Museum.  I had no idea this existed before we arrived, but it was a lovely surprise, the building itself was beautiful!

The Tiled Kiosk Museum, Istanbul

The Tiled Kiosk was built in the 15th century during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror, and is the oldest building within the museum complex.

The beautiful tiling on display as you enter the museum.

It houses beautiful examples of Turkish tiles (also known as Iznik tiles, named after the town where these sorts of tiles were originally made) and ceramics.  After seeing so many of these tiles, I instantly wanted to go home and re-decorate my house!!




It was a fairly small but lovely display of great art, housed in a beautiful building.  I would definitely recommend a visit if you are visiting Istanbul!

More information on visiting can be found on the Archaeological Museum webpages.



29 thoughts on “The Tiled Kiosk Museum, Istanbul

          1. It is hard to capture true beauty in colours and intensity in a photograph. I guess this is why photo filters and edits were created! Although the best photographs and photographers can enhance natural looks. Have you ever had a landscape photograph look dull and due to the light appear dull even as the eye sees it, Dustyflipflops? Once you whack it into a photo editor, it can be made dramatic or at least more interesting.


    1. The tiles are gorgeous aren’t they and they are everywhere!! It is a beautiful city and I would love to visit again to explore further. There is so much to see! Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂


    1. So sorry to not have replied to you before now, for some reason a few of your comments haven’t shown up in my feed. Weird! Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 I loved this little museum and tiles are beautiful aren’t they, I would quite happily plaster my home with them!

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