Because I Love…


I’ve been having a look through my photos (trying to tidy them up!) and I came across the pictures from my trip to Laos last year.  In particular these photos of our food caught my eye… and made me smile!

They were taken in the Bamboo tree restaurant in Luang Prabang and I can confirm the food was delicious!  So lovely in fact, that we returned again before we left the city for a second helping!

What’s under the cone??
Rice should always be served with a smiley face!

There are two restaurants to choose from one, Bamboo Vatsene and Bamboo Tree.  We chose Bamboo Tree as we had heard nothing but good things about it and fortunately they could accommodate us when we turned up there.  This restaurant looks out over the Nam Khan river and it was a lovely tranquil spot to enjoy delicious food and good company.

Both restaurants run cooking classes as well as far as I’m aware, I didn’t take part in these, but imagine they could be good fun!

Sticky rice Bamboo Tree style!

I love these photos (even though the quality of them isn’t great!) as they bring the memories of a wonderfully fun evening flooding back!

Overall we found the food in Luang Prabang was tasty and varied. We ate at a few different restaurants around the city and returned to the day market for a quick lunch on quite a few occasions.

You definitely won’t go hungry there!




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