New Discoveries!

I spent a lovely day in London at the weekend catching up with a friend.  We ate good food, drank gin and tonic and she introduced me to the works of the prolific artist, Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor.

I must admit I had never heard of him, but as soon as I glimpsed his work through the doors of the Halcyon Gallery as we entered, I was totally won over!

It was beautiful stuff and so captivating, I found that I couldn’t draw my eyes away from some pieces.  The vibrant colours and the shapes conjuring up different images depending on your perspective.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future exhibitions of his work!









Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific

12 thoughts on “New Discoveries!

  1. Beautiful photographs of the glass. I am blessed to live in a big glassblowing area here on the East Coast of the US. In fact the town I live in, Glassboro, was named such because glass blowing plants were located here. I also live near Wheaton Village in Millville, another big glassblowing area. If you have a chance look up the work of Paul Stankard, an amazing artist who specialized in glass paperweights. They are very lifelike and truly unique.

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    1. Thank you so much! The area you live in sounds very interesting! Is it still a very active industry there? There is something about glass artwork which is totally compelling. Thank you also for the recommendation, I will definitely check out his work!

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      1. Hi Dusty, In Glassboro,where I live, the industry is over. In Millville, there are many artists, and a village…Wheaton Village, where they still blow glass. I gave my son a gift certificate at Christmastime for a session with a glassblower to make his own paperweight. The Village also has a glass museum with pieces that are well over a hundred years old. Near me in the woods, we find the culls…pieces of glass that were malformed or wrong and then dumped. It is so much fun after a rain to find them as they was to the surface and know they have been there for over a hundred years.

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