Journaling the good things

I saw something on the internet (I wish I could remember where!) at the beginning of the year, which suggested taking the time each night before you go to sleep, to note down one good thing that happened that day.

Initially I dismissed it as just another of those annoying new year resolutions, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it could actually be a good idea. I had already started a journal last year as a way for me to ‘mind-dump’ (I love that phrase!) and to record events and my emotions, etc. I wasn’t writing in it religiously every day though, so that would be a challenge.

So why not, I thought, it could be an interesting experiment – challenge accepted!! I started picking up my journal each night and writing down what had happened that day, how I was feeling and incorporating the task of finding one good thing to include at the end.

To begin with I found it difficult to find a good thing each day, I wasn’t sure what I should be looking out for, or including. Then I realised that there are no rules to this and I started thinking through my day, to find things that may have brought a bit of joy into my life, even for a brief moment… it was a bit of a revelation!

Some days were easier than others, like the day I booked flights for my next trip – easily the best thing to happen that day!! Or my partner taking care of me when I had injured myself – easy-peasy! Some days I felt like nothing particularly good had happened, so I had to search further for those moments.

They may have been as small as seeing a robin sitting on a tree branch on the way into work, watching me as I walked by, or collapsing in laughter with my colleagues at something that someone had said. But they were little moments that felt good. It was nice to be reminded of that, particularly if the day hadn’t been a pleasant one overall.

I am now a month or so into this exercise and I have found out two things:

  1. I like to write about my day and I can actually waffle endlessly at times about nothing in particular!!
  2. I do tend to be a glass half empty kind of person, so ending the day on a positive note such as this actually feels really good. I feel like I am training my brain to look on the brighter side of life!

I am going to try to keep this up for as long as I can, as keeping a journal is also helping me to note my ups and downs, to see patterns in the way I behave and think.

Additionally, it’s an excellent way for me to document my activities – which, as my partner would tell you, is a godsend, because I can struggle to remember things at times!!!

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2 thoughts on “Journaling the good things

  1. This is such a lovely idea & a wonderful way of always trying to stay focused on what’s positive in life & all the things to be grateful for 🙂

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