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In search of relaxation (& pepper!) in Kep, Cambodia

Our first experience of Kep a few years ago was very positive, which is why we decided to return earlier this year......oh and for the pepper...! We know that you can buy Kampot pepper elsewhere, but we sometimes like travelling with a purpose!  We'd run out of pepper (and it is damn fine pepper!) so… Continue reading In search of relaxation (& pepper!) in Kep, Cambodia

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Some alone time in Hpa-An, Myanmar

My partner had not been well in the night (thanks to some dodgy food - which was actually meant for me...sorry about that!) and was still feeling the effects the next day.  As he lay snoozing, I pondered what to do with myself.  It was quite hot and stuffy in our room so I decided… Continue reading Some alone time in Hpa-An, Myanmar

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Living the dream in Mawlamyine – Myanmar

Mawlamyine was added to our itinerary of our trip because I wanted to explore a bit of the south of Myanmar….and because I saw the Kyaik-than-lan Pagoda on a tv show…. with Chris Tarrant in it….that bit I hate to admit….! However, as I watched him climb the stairs to this temple (ignoring his rendition… Continue reading Living the dream in Mawlamyine – Myanmar

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Lost in Vietnam

A tale from long ago travels.... We were quite happy wandering along the slightly overgrown pathway, brushing large banana leaves out of our way, laughing at how far we had come on our travels.  As we shielded our eyes from the bright sunlight, we suddenly realised how quiet it had become around us.  Surely only… Continue reading Lost in Vietnam

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Bagan – Sunsets and Sightseers

I sat with my feet dangling over the edge of the temple, just waiting.  We had arrived early and had climbed up to, what was at the time, a fairly quiet and empty level. Watching from our vantage point as the sun started to dip towards the horizon, we saw two boys about 100 meters… Continue reading Bagan – Sunsets and Sightseers