Because I Love…


It took me a while to get round to putting the Christmas tree up this year. I almost didn’t do it (the festive spirit has been slow at hitting me this year!), but one afternoon with my mum and partner, it just happened.

It was actually lovely, getting all the decorations down from the loft and choosing which ones to put on the tree with my mum. My partner adding some of his special decorations to finish it all off.  I love the fact that so many of our decorations have a special meaning for us.

There are the decorations that we got from Disney World when we went to a family wedding in Florida. They always remind me of the fun time we had being kids again!


I just had to buy a few things whilst at Disney World!

He barely needs an introduction…it’s Mickey Mouse!

I have gorgeous handmade stars that my friend brought back from South Africa for me and quite a few other decorations that I’ve bought whilst travelling.

But last but definitely not least, is the fairy who sits elegantly at the top of the tree.

My mum and I had taken a weekend break to Lille in France for the Christmas market. We had a great time and whilst wandering around the stalls I saw this fairy and loved her, she was so pretty! She’s mine, I thought, so I asked the vendor if I could buy her.  No problem!  He reached up to unhook her from where she was hanging… and instantly dropped her on the floor…where her head came off!!!

He was really apologetic and promised that if we gave him half an hour he’d fix her for me.  Which he did, he glued her head back on and you really can’t tell that she has suffered such a gruesome injury!

She’s my decapitated fairy and every year when I get her out of the box, I always think of the trip and that moment and it makes me laugh!

My decapitated Christmas fairy!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and festive season, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

I hope that your days are filled with love, laughter and happiness.

And to those whose days may not be all sunshine and laughter at the moment and for who times are difficult, please know that you are not alone. I send my warmest wishes and thoughts to you and hope that some light finds its way to you soon.



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