Because I Love…


I recently visited the gorgeous little town of Lewes in Sussex.  The town doesn’t sit on the coast but it isn’t too far away.

I was there for the weekend visiting friends and to begin with the weather was looking great and even a swim in the sea was on the cards, hurrah!

This option was soon taken off the table though, as the weather changed when I got there – much needed rain started to pour the evening I arrived!  Such a shame after all the fabulous weather we’d had up to that point.

I shook my fists at the sky, cursing those clouds for appearing the one weekend that I was near the seaside…although I knew that we really did need the rain, so it was a good thing…darnit!

On my second day there the sun came out, but it wasn’t as warm as it had been…and it was blowing one hell of a gale!  Where had that come from??!!

We had grand plans for the evening, to head to Seaford, which is a seaside town nearby, pick up some fish and chips and sit on the pebbly beach eating them whilst looking out to sea….perfect!

Hmmm… well, my friend and I had been out and about during the day and gotten well and truly blown around.  We looked out of the window as we relaxed for an hour or so with a cuppa at home, considering our options.

The weather definitely wasn’t conducive to sitting on the beach, should we still go?!  Or should we scrap the idea and just head to a local pub?!  They asked me what I’d like to do… I thought for a second and the option of fish and chips was just too tempting!  Could we still go??  Would that be ok??  And the great friends that they are, they were still up for it!

So in the car we hopped, armed with some cutlery, napkins, plastic cups and most importantly, some wine!

Twenty minutes later we entered the town of Seaford, found the chippie, ordered our food and headed down to the seafront.

Oh my god, the food smelt so good, filling the car with that wonderful vinegary smell that only fish and chips can emanate!!

We parked up facing the sea, cutlery and wine was passed around and we tucked into the most delicious fish and chips!

We watched a few people who were braving the beach, the sea beyond a frothing grey mass.  The wind was whipping around our car, but we were nice and cosy inside.

I was so happy sitting in that car with my friends, scoffing lovely food, looking out to sea as the sun set.

It was a simple way to spend the evening, but an oh so lovely way!



23 thoughts on “Because I Love…

  1. There’s something very special about sitting in a cosy car eating fish and chips while the sea and gales do their thing. Or maybe it’s my Northern roots! I have very special memories of doing the same thing and your post has brought them flooding back. I can even imagine the smell of hot and salty and vinegary chips! 😋

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          1. Hahaha yes mushy peas are definitely a brit thing! I’ve never been a fan myself but I’m in the minority! As for cream soda..yum! My mum used to make me ice cream sodas with cream soda, they were delicious 😀

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  2. Fish and chips are always worth it. And by the sea? Fantastic. But I probably would have chosen a pub in such a situation. Kudos to you for braving the elements and having a blast!


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