10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! We have made it to 2021, hopefully in one piece!

Image Earth Travel has nominated me for the 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge, thank you!

I don’t normally take part in challenges much these days, but I love the idea of this one! And what better way to start this year with a look back at past travels and dreaming about new ones (here’s hoping some travel will be on the cards this year, but time will tell!).

The 10 Day Travel Photo Challenge: post one photo for 10 days with no explanation and nominate another blogger each day to do the same…simple! It’s inspired me to have a trawl through my photos, which has been great fun, but it’s also been quite difficult to choose just 10!!

I must admit that I have taken a few liberties with a couple of these photos – a few are from my big trip that I took a long time ago. On that trip my friend and I had one digital camera between us, so I’m not sure who out of the two of us took the photos now (and they are easily spotted by the date plastered over one corner of the shots!).

But they ALL the photos bring back fantastic travel memories…..aaaahhh…the good old days when travel was possible!

Soooo, here we go with day 1…

And today I nominate Alive and Trekking. If you do decide to participate please link back to me. But there is absolutely no pressure to take part, if you don’t fancy it, no worries!

I’m enjoying this journey down memory lane and it’s giving me very itchy feet!

14 thoughts on “10 Day Travel Photo Challenge – Day 1

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you!! I really hope that things improve this year and we are able to get out and about a bit more (although things seems be getting worse here, before they will get better!).


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